Ultralight and self-extinguishing Lithium-ion batteries

Researchers from SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory have proposed a new technology to boost efficiency and make fire retardant batteries . In this modern era of technological advancement power generation is not the only problem we are facing but dealing with the storage of this power is too of major concern. Lithium-ion batteries have shown promising … Read more

New battery charges in 15 seconds – Best Battery for Electric Vehicles

Representation of Battery

Estonia-based Skeleton Technologies and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Germany has developed a battery based on graphene which is in news these days. What are the limitations of the Batteries used in Electric Vehicles currently ? Lithium-Ion batteries are currently the best choice for the Electric vehicles. In general the batteries used in Electric Vehicles have some … Read more

Normal Battery vs Solar Battery (5 things to know)

Solar Panels are now being installed by many of the people in India, as it helps in reducing the Electricity Bills, which is of major concern. There are basically two types of Solar Panel Installation, one is On-Grid and the other is Off-Grid. On-Grid are installed primarily for reducing the electricity bills, whereas Off-Grid systems … Read more

Free Electricity – Solar Security Outdoor Light for your Home

Free Electricity is something that everybody wants, at least for basic things like lighting the LED lights, a ceiling fan, charge your mobile or laptop. Well here is one interesting product that will be extremely helpful for your home outdoors. Solar Wireless Security Motion Sensor 20 LED Night Light for Outdoor Basic working of this … Read more

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