Free Electricity – Solar Security Outdoor Light for your Home

Free Electricity is something that everybody wants, at least for basic things like lighting the LED lights, a ceiling fan, charge your mobile or laptop.

Well here is one interesting product that will be extremely helpful for your home outdoors.

Solar Wireless Security Motion Sensor 20 LED Night Light for Outdoor

Basic working of this light is explained below :

  • The light has a solar panel at the top, which charges throughout the day
  • As soon as the sun light stops falling on it, the lamp lights up (you need to keep the power switch of the lamp on, for this to happen)
  • The lamp comes with the motion sensor; hence the light powers up when it detects the motion
  • This small battery that charged throughout the day, can make this lamp work for 12 hours with the motion sensing function.

Frequently asked question for Solar Wireless Security Motion Sensor Night light

Will this light work continuously the whole night?

No. This light functions with the motion sensor. i.e. when some motion is detected, the light will switch on and then it will go off.

For how much time the light will stay on?

Once on, due to motion detection, the light will stay on for 25-30 seconds. And after that, it will switch off, until the next motion is detected.

Is it waterproof? Will it function properly in rain?

Yes. The light is waterproof, and it will not be affected by the rain.

Where can I use this light?

You can place this light at your main gate, main door, in garden, on roof, in gully. Wherever you place it, make sure that, it gets sufficient sunlight throughout the day, because the battery charges with the solar panel during the day time.

Where can I buy this light?

You can buy this light from the online store such as Amazon or Flipkart.

To make it easy for you, here’s the link to reach the product page.

Deepakraj Solanki

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