Normal Battery vs Solar Battery (5 things to know)

Solar Panels are now being installed by many of the people in India, as it helps in reducing the Electricity Bills, which is of major concern.

There are basically two types of Installation, one is On-Grid and the other is Off-Grid.

On-Grid are installed primarily for reducing the electricity bills, whereas Off-Grid systems are installed at locations where the power shortage is there i.e. frequent power cuts or where the electricity have still not reached.

One of the main differences between On-Grid and Off-Grid is the requirement of Batteries in Off-Grid Systems.

When we talk about Batteries, with respect to Solar Panels, we come across the word called .

What are Solar batteries?

Solar Batteries are the one, which have the rated capacity of C10, which means the discharge and charge cycles are of 10 hours i.e. the battery discharges or charges in 10 hours.

Basically, it is Fast Charging and Fast Discharging type.

Also, the thickness of the plates used is more compared to the Normal Batteries.

Here is a Table showing the difference between the Normal Batteries and Solar Batteries

ParameterNormal BatterySolar Battery
Rated CapacityC20 – will be discharged and charged in 20 hoursC-10 – will be discharged and charged in 10 hours (utilizes the maximum potential of the Solar Panels by using maximum amperes)
WarrantyGenerally, up to 3 years5 years
Charging CurrentCannot be charged at low currentCan be charged even when the panel is producing low current
PriceReasonably PricedCostly
Life Expectancy3-5 years5-10 years
Comparison Table for Normal Battery and Solar Battery

It is always convenient to sit back at your home and order the products online, especially when the product size is big enough and you want to avoid giving yourself trouble to arrange for the transport and get it at your doorstep.

Where to Buy Solar Batteries Online in India?

Batteries for Solar Panels and Inverters are heavy and you may be charged a lot for Transportation and Labour.

Let’s avoid all those charges by ordering the batteries online.

You can get the Solar Batteries either from Website or the Amazon India Website.

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