Replaceable perovskite in the solar cells


A team of researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem developed recyclable perovskite solar cells using nanotechnology and 3D printing. The continuous rise in the levels of CO2 has raised concerns of researchers around the world to find efficient and clean energy solutions for world needs. The renewable energy sector has seen innovations and developments … Read more

Surface passivation of solar cells in carbon dioxide filled plasma chamber helps to increase the efficiency

Surface Passivation of Solar Cells to increase the efficiency

Using surface passivation of solar cells reduces the recombination of the current carriers. The ability of semiconductors to show electrical conductivity under certain physical and chemical conditions has proved its importance in the past years. Using silicon as the main component of the solar cell is no new thing. This silicon used in the cells … Read more

Ultralight and self-extinguishing Lithium-ion batteries

Researchers from SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory have proposed a new technology to boost efficiency and make fire retardant batteries . In this modern era of technological advancement power generation is not the only problem we are facing but dealing with the storage of this power is too of major concern. Lithium-ion batteries have shown promising … Read more

Solar Windows – Need of the hour

Solar Windows : Representation Purpose

Solar windows – Never been looked upon as a good endeavour. However, this simple innovation may assume a huge function in our battle against environmental change not long from now. What is the need for a Solar windows? We as a civilization have exploited earth to such an extent that if scientists are to be … Read more

New battery charges in 15 seconds – Best Battery for Electric Vehicles

Representation of Battery

Estonia-based Skeleton Technologies and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Germany has developed a battery based on graphene which is in news these days. What are the limitations of the Batteries used in Electric Vehicles currently ? Lithium-Ion batteries are currently the best choice for the Electric vehicles. In general the batteries used in Electric Vehicles have some … Read more

Normal Battery vs Solar Battery (5 things to know)

Solar Panels are now being installed by many of the people in India, as it helps in reducing the Electricity Bills, which is of major concern. There are basically two types of Solar Panel Installation, one is On-Grid and the other is Off-Grid. On-Grid are installed primarily for reducing the electricity bills, whereas Off-Grid systems … Read more

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